Mid Ulster travel to Olympia

Olympia 202 – Mid Ulster 198

Mid Ulster travelled to Olympia for the 3rd gala of the season, it turned out to be a very exciting closely contested gala which kept the touch judges busy.

After the relays the teams were level, but Olympia edged ahead in backcrawl and although Mid Ulster gained points in breaststroke and frontcrawl, Olympia held the lead going into the frontcrawl relays which again ended in 2 wins to each team giving Olympia a four point lead to victory.

One Mid Ulster swimmer who had a fantastic performance was ‘A’ girl Maixia Mateo-Loughlan achieving 4 PBs. Followed closely by the Higgins brothers Michael And Conall along with Leah Brewster, Alex Johnston And Annie Kilpatrick with 3 PBs.

The Captains Oisin Mc Cabe & Therese Tohill along with the Mid Ulster Team would like to thank Olympia for their warm welcome and hospitality