Hat trick for Portadown and their lucky mascot

Portadown Club hosted Ballymoney Swim Club on Saturday night which was their fourth gala of the season.  Portadown were very anxious as they had heard Ballymoney were a good team and they wanted to carry on their recent success from Newry.

Gala didn’t get off to a good start for Portadown as they lost the first relay to Ballymoney.  Nerves were high and Portadown fought hard to take the relays in the other three groups.

Individual races were close with Ballymoney and Portadown battling for first position.  Portadown were ahead going into the relays but once again they lost the first relay with Ballymoney having the stronger A team.  Portadown held on to their lead winning the remaining relays once again.

Ballymoney team coped well with the longer pool (especially since their coach didn’t tell them until they were on the bus that it was a longer pool!!)  All in all a good competitive gala.

59 Personal Bests for Portadown and as the club pay 50p per PB, the treasurer won’t be happy!!

The final score ended Ballymoney 173 – Portadown 223

Portadown are away to Lecale on 23 May for their last event.