Forest Feast

Forest Feast provide a range of dried fruit, nut & savoury products with something for every occasion whether healthy snacking on the go to family sharing or a little bit of indulgence. For further information on the Forest Feast range please click on the link below.

Forest Feast encourages a combination of healthy snacking and exercise for everyone and the introduction to competitive sport in a fun environment, such as the Forest Feast AquaSprint League, will hopefully encourage these young swimmers to enjoy their sport and progress with it into their teens and twenties.

Our aims as sponsor of the AquaSprint league:

  • To promote the benefits of healthy snacking in conjunction with an active lifestyle for young people, on a province-wide basis.
  • To encourage children to take part in competitive sport in a fun environment.
  • To reward all kids for participation as well as acknowledging outstanding achievement in sport.
  • To support Swim Ulster in the promotion of swimming as an accessible sport for all, in Northern Ireland.
  • To add value to the work of volunteers in sport who work tirelessly to ensure that kids on a province wide basis can participate in a safe and fun environment.

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