Enniskillen host Kilkeel

The Enniskillen Lakelanders participated in their 4th Forest Feast AquaSprint for the current season on Saturday at the Forum. With 1 win and 2 losses the local club were looking to build on some positive South West Minor League and Provincial Towns League performances.

Home galas always give the Coaches an opportunity to let new swimmers gain experience; Anna Cairns, Leona Forster, Emer Murphy, Rowan Blake, Oisin Cox, Austin Cassidy, Niamh Cassidy, Patrick Magee, Luke McKiernan and Darragh Cox all put in superb swims and gained valuable experience in competitive galas.

The gala, for swimmers aged 12 and under, began with the Medley Team Relays and Enniskillen Lakelanders were fast off the blocks and won all 4 age groups, with the best times of the season, leaving them 28 points to 12 ahead.

The first individual event is the 25m Backstroke were there were wins for Abigail Boyd, Anna McDade, Ellie McCartney and Jake Cadden. Marie Kelly-Neill won her first competitive race ever and showed the vast improvement she has made in the last few months by breaking the 20 second barrier. Patrick Williams, Matthew Dolan and Sophia also contributed valuable points to the 72 to 48 points lead.

One length Breaststroke was next and Ciara O’Donnell & Oliver Mooney also registered their first ever competitive races. Once again the Breaststroke events resulted in wins for Annabel Morrison, Ellie McCartney, Matthew Dolan, Tara McKenzie and Jake Cadden. Nial Bruce, Callum O’Hare, Ciosa McConnell, Louie Burns, Sarah Harte and Jason Man swam to runner up positions showing great strength in this stroke to leave the home side 46 points ahead at the half ways stage.

The difficult Butterfly was next and some fabulous swims saw Nial Bruce, Ellie McCartney, Tara McKenzie and Jason Man all finished in first place. Abigail Boyd, Oliver Mooney, Isobel Lannon, Matthew Dolan, Sarah Harte and Jake Cadden all gained second positions and more points. The lead was stretched by another 8 points.

The final individual event saw Abigail Boyd, Isobel Lannon, Ellie McCartney, Tara McKenzie and Jason Man all reach the top sport with Nial Bruce, Leah Irwin, Connor McLean, Sinead Barrett, Matthew Dolan, Sophia Williams and Jake Cadden finish second. Isobel broke 20 seconds for the first time. With just 1 event left the home side were 60 points ahead.

In the Freestyle Team Relays Kilkeel fought back to win 2 of the 4 relays but out Group A & B pushed them al the way. The Lakelander Group C & D finished their relays unbeaten. This left the final score 235 to Enniskillen and 165 to Kilkeel.