Banbridge travel to Coleraine

Banbridge ASC made the long journey to Coleraine last Saturday on a beautiful spring evening and securing a win made it all worthwhile. In the Medlay Relays Banbridge got off to a great start with 7 wins out of 8 relays.

Group A Girls Katie McFarlane gave an excellent performance with all first places with Alana Burns-Atkin, Ciara Daly and Holly McKibben securing second places. Swimming well was Holly Hubert and Megan Williams.

The boys Caelan McCracken and Pearse Rice swam very well and were part of the team who got first places in both relays.The boys B group saw Ronan Quinn and Issac Forsythe taking their turns for first and second places with Jack Lennon, Jack Dougan  and Charter Bell swimming well.

The girls met tough opposition from Coleraine but managed to secure second and third places with Sarah McEvoy, Niamh McGeown, Ellie Bingham, Dia McCrory and Sara Calvert. Group C girls Rachel Blemmings had a splendid gala with first places in three of her events and a second place with Jennifer Morrow, Sorcha Boersma and Clodagh McGrady all swimming well.

The boys saw Peter Bigley coming second in all his events with good times Senan Carr held on for second place in his Breaststroke and adding on the points were Sam Johnston, Taylor Hill, Finlay Wright and Ben Farson. Finally Group D Julia Knox and Ryan Bigley had outstanding performance with 3 first places and a second. Swimming well in the group were Ruby McNiff, Zoe Kilpatrick, Adam Wilson , Dawson Patterson and Evan Calvert.

Lastly the Freestyle Relays which sealed a win for Banbridge when all their groups obtained first places. A big thank you to Coleraine for a very friendly and competitive gala and a lovely supper which was enjoyed by all.

The final results were Banbridge 216 – Coleraine 184