Aquasprint Saturday 25th March Enniskillen lakelanders V Kilkeel

On Saturday the 25th March the Lakelanders made the long trip to kilkeel for an Aquasprint event and returned home triumphant with a score of Kilkeel 183 – Enniskillen 215 but the home proved more than a match in many races.
The Team Captains, Jake Cadden & Ellie McCartney, were unbeaten on the day! It was an exciting day for Niamh O’Donnell, Tom Buchanan, James Mongan and Sam Morrison who were competing in their first Aquasprint.
The relays kicked off with group A, the youngest swimmers; Cora McConnell swimming a lovely backstroke. Group B made good ground but were just beaten to the finish by Kilkeel. Group C proved to be an exciting event lead by a strong backstroke from Patrick Williams, they were just piped to the post by Kilkeel. Group D experienced an easy win for Jake, Mollie, Ellie and Matthew.
The individual events started with the backstroke, Niamh O’Donnell shaved a massive 6 Seconds of her time, Niamh was the most improved swimmer on the day. Kate McDade had a busy day swimming all the events and gaining much needed points for the lakelanders. There was many PBs for the lakelanders in this event for Ronan Houston, James Mongan, Anna Cairns, Frank Buchanan, Jake Cadden, Cora Cassidy, Rory Keogh, Ciosa McConnell and Isobel Lannon who was unbeaten in all her events on the day. Boys group D saw Jake Cadden and Matthew Dolan gaining a much needed 1st & 2nd position.
The Breaststroke saw the lakelanders claw back some points with wins from Kate McDade, Jamie Lannon, Abigail Boyd, Annabel Morrison, Ellie McCartney and Jake Cadden.
The Butterfly was another very close event with great PBs for Niamh O’Donnell, Jamie Lannon, Abigail Boyd, Anna Cairns, Nial Bruce, Louie Burns, Ellie McCartney, Ciosa MCConnell, Rory Keogh, Leah Irwin, Annabel Morrison and Isobel Lannon. Leaving the scores at Enniskillen 147 Kilkeel 131 at this stage it could go either way.
The Freestyle event was going to be a deal breaker. In group A Niamh O’Donnell and Kate McDade raced to 1st & 2nd place. This event saw great swims for Abigail Boyd and Molly Rice in group B and Nial Bruce broke 20 seconds for his Freestyle! Isobel Lannon, Cora Cassidy, Niamh Henry swam fantastic swims. Patrick Williams raced to 2nd place collecting much needed points for group C. Ellie McCartney broke 15 seconds Freestyle coming in 1st with Ela O’Donnell taking 2nd place. The Freestyle event finished with Jake Cadden and Louis Burns racing to 1st & 2nd place. Finishing this event Enniskillen – 191, KIlkeel – 167.
The final event, the Freestyle relay saw the Lakelanders comfortably win 3 out of 4 races.
Final Score – Enniskillen 215, Kilkeel 183.
All-in-all it was an exciting and very competitive Aquasprint with Kilkeel fighting right to the end. The Lakelanders were delighted to bring home a win to Enniskillen! Next Aquasprint will be this Saturday at home against Leander!
“Let’s Go Lakelanders! Let’s Go!”