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    Your new AquaSprint website has been designed as a central point of information on the Forest Feast AquaSprint league for clubs, competitors and spectators with all the fixture and results information in one place.

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    Swim Ulster would like to wish all clubs participating in the Aquasprint Junior Swimming League the best of luck for the forthcoming gala season.

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Swim Ulster

Swim Ulster is part of the Swim Ireland family and is recognised by Sport NI as the governing body for aquatic sports in Ulster..

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Forest Feast

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Welcome to the AquaSprint Website

The AquaSprint website is the place to go for information on the Forest Feast AquaSprint Junior Swimming League. Whether you’re from a swimming club, a competitor or a spectator, you’ll find fixtures, results, photos and all the league information you need right here.

A Note from the Sponsor:

Forest Feast is delighted to support the AquaSprint Junior Swimming League for a fifth consecutive year.

At Forest Feast we love to support local sporting initiatives such as AquaSprint. AquaSprint not only brings young people together to be active and compete in a fun, social environment, it also helps identify and inspire some of Northern Ireland’s most promising future sporting talent. The AquaSprint Junior Swimming League is an early introduction to competitive swimming with many of the elite swimmers who compete at the Commonwealth Games, European Championships and indeed Olympics having started their road to success on an AquaSprint team. The benefits of being part of a fun, team based sport at a young age are tangible, growing confidence, encouraging friendships and underlining the importance of activity as part of a balanced lifestyle.

The 2015/16 season has kicked off with a splash and this year the Forest Feast press team will be out and about to soak up all the action at a selection of galas. The season will be brought to a close in June with a competitive, fun filled finals night.

We wish all those taking part in this year’s Forest Feast AquaSprint League the very best of luck for the coming season and have no doubt the competition will be full of fun, enthusiasm, atmosphere and talent!

Check out the Gallery to see the Swimmers in action!

Important Note

Swim Ulster have revised the recent ruling to ban diving starts in shallow water for AquaSprint and PTL ‘A’ galas.

All galas organised under the auspices of Swim Ulster’s insurance will now follow this revised ruling:

1. Club Coaches must be satisfied that their club swimmers are competent in performing a start with a shallow racing dive before they are allowed to do so at a gala. Where any swimmer is not competent, they must start in the water.

2. Gala organisers will ensure an announcement is made before each session of any gala. This announcement provides the detail for circumstances where depths are less than 0.9m or between 0.9m and 1.5m ( with and without starting blocks). The wording of the announcement to be used is attached.

3. For AquaSprint and PTL ‘A’ galas only, the lead coach from each club at a gala must agree to permit diving starts. That is, where one club declares its swimmers are not competent to start with a shallow racing dive, then neither club will use a dive start and swimmers from both clubs will start in the water.
25th May 2011 End of Ruling

Dive starts are an essential skill in swimming and it is expected that all clubs will ensure their swimmers are competent in diving starts before AquaSprint and PTL ‘A’ galas commence in the 2011-12 season. Any club who expects to be unable to provide the adequate training for their young swimmers by that time should contact Swim Ulster’s Club/Coach Dev Officer as soon as possible. Swim Ulster will seek to provide support to enable young swimmers to dive safely at our galas.”


Forest Feast, in the capacity of Sponsors of the AquaSprint Junior Swimming League, accepts no responsibility for the running of AquaSprint galas and is in no way liable for gala rules, pool facilities or for ensuring that events are run in line within required health and safety standards as detailed by Swim Ulster.